First Time Guests of Mount Zion

New to Mount Zion Baptist Church?


Visiting any church for the very first time can be a daunting experience. We hope your first visit here will be refreshing, friendly, and enjoyable for your whole family.  We do encourage you to arrive a few minutes early so you’ll have time to park and give us time to help you and your family to the right location. You can park anywhere and sit anywhere you desire. Our goal is to make our church a place where you and your family can worship the Risen Savior in peace, truth, and love. Services start at 11:00 AM on Sunday Mornings.

We also have a Sunday School Department that starts at 9:45 AM. Join us in the main sanctuary for the opening program. The adults usually remain in the sanctuary for a Bible lesson, and the children retire to age-appropriate classes in the Sunday School area located in the rear of the church. 

If you have children, we do offer a Children's Church during the Sunday Morning Worship Service and Wednesday Night Service. Children are dismissed to the Children's Church portion of the service before the pastor starts preaching. Children are more than welcomed to remain in the main sanctuary during the service, however.

Pastor John Daniel Johnson would love to answer any questions or hesitations you may have about visiting our church for the first time. Email him at