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All Books and Studies can be picked up in the pastor's office located at the entrance of the sanctuary.


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Faith Not Held Captive


Face it. Life is tough. Daily we face life's PITS. PRISONS. STORMS. In his newest book, John Daniel Johnson examines the heroes of the Bible who faced literal pits, prisons, and storms. Drawing from the sacred biblical text, he reveals how we too can spiritually grow, learn, strive, and overcome any troublesome time we may face. Each chapter starts by opening our eyes to what the biblical hero was experiencing in his life during his pit, prison, or storm. Then a brief historical lesson is provided to help the reader understand the background of biblical text. Finally, each chapter concludes with an honest approach to help any person during the tough days of life. 

Sowing For Your Harvest


Sowing For Your Harvest offers inspiring and motivating insights into the hidden harvest treasures of the Bible. These rich nuggets of truth will help any believer to cultivate a harvest of true peace, joy, happiness, wealth, and health. Your blessing is waiting to be harvested, but Johnson reveals to us how we are to prepare our lives to handle and cultivate the best harvest possible. You will not be disappointed with these encouraging words. 

The Bible's Amazing Mysteries


The Bible comes alive as author John Daniel Johnson reveals the hidden meaning behind the construction of the Tabernacle, the use of the sacrifical systems, and the purpose of the Old Testament altars. Also, Johnson exposes the true reason why Satan was not destroyed after sinning in Heaven. In addition, Johnson exposes the many different types of heavens in Scripture, as well, as the correct understanding of the difference of Heaven, Hell, Hades/Sheol, and Paradise in the Bible. Each prophetic page will grow your faith and appreciation for the Great High Priest, Jesus Christ! 

A Study in the Book of Romans


 Very well written study of the book of Romans. It reads like a typical commentary, but written in a style that any layman can easily understand. The book does not use a lot of technical terms, which is a good thing. It is definitely a good book to help understand New Testament Theology.

Bravery Not Forgotten


 At Tupelo, the 45th Regiment Alabama Infantry lost many men from disease. They fought at Perryville, and suffered severely. They came out of Kentucky and were engaged in the Battle of Murfreesboro where their casualties were numerous. They fought at Chicamauga, and their mutilated ranks told the eloquent story of their bravery. At Atlanta, death lived in their ranks, and half the regiment went down. At Franklin, they were almost annihilated around the corpse of their heroic division commander. Follow these brave men as they fight, suffer, and die for a cause that shaped our Country into what it is today.